The Honourable Christopher Butler

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediations, Arbitrations, FInancial Dispute Resolution Hearings

National and International Family, Civil and Commercial Disputes



  • Private hearings conducted by an entirely independent, specialist and neutral evaluator

  • Conduct of proceedings in accordance with wishes of parties and their lawyers – control in the hands of parties rather than the court

  • 100% confidentiality

  • Date, time and venue in accordance with parties’ wishes, without delay or unnecessary complication

  • Entirely without prejudice

  • No obligation to reach agreement

  • Independent assessment of the likely outcome of expensive, lengthy, stressful, uncertain, often hostile and emotionally damaging (for parties and children) court proceedings

  • Skilled, specialist evaluator with extensive experience and knowledge of family law and proceedings and FDR hearings in Gibraltar and the UK

  • Calm, fair, user-friendly hearing without pressure

  • No time pressures - whole day available for evaluation, discussions and/ or negotiations and drafting agreements

  • Evaluator fully prepared in advance of the hearing

  • Very high success rate

  • Even if a comprehensive resolution of every issue is not achieved on the day, almost always parties have better understanding, narrow issues, reduce emotional stress, save long-term legal fees and resolve remaining issues following the hearing

  • Evaluator may assist independently in drafting of agreements and consent applications for court orders (if desired) on papers, usually not requiring attendance of parties at court

  • Often substantial savings in legal, experts’ and court costs and emotional stress, enabling parties to move on with minimum stress and emotional damage

  • Agreements reached will almost always be approved by the court and reflected in a court order if the parties so wish